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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Record Review - The Smoggers

Shame On You

Kotj 7"

The more "cartoony" garage-punk seems to get a bad rep on these shores, but on the continental mainland is rightly held in more respect. After all, if you’re going to make fuzz-drenched rock ’n’ roll what would be the point in taking yourself too seriously? These four adolescent minds hail from Andalusia are committed vinyl lovers and this single, on a new label set up by well-respected Spanish music journalist 
Óscar García, follows two recent 10” albums. 

The title track is your typical neo-garage organ heavy fuzz blaster played at 100 mph. A simple chord progression and chorus chant, elevated by some searing lead guitar playing. ‘It's Just Not The Same’ is perhaps my favourite of the three tracks on offer - it has enough of the screwed-up-and-pissed-off snotness of The Gories, The Gruesomes or The Trashbones to please. Turns out to be a cover of  ’80s 
Texan band The Delinquents. Excellent choice! ‘Jump Inside’ meanwhile doesn't pretend to have a melody: instead it’s a drum-heavy list of complaints and completely punk rock in spirit and execution.

These guys are playing all the garage festivals there are, so do go pogo to them soon and buy the single while you’re there! 

Phil Istine

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