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Monday, 23 July 2012

Record Review – Spiders

'Weekend Nights' / 'Lies'

Yes, the Americans may have invented rock ’n' roll, but they no longer hold the key. Sweden's Spiders are yet another in a long line of impressive high octane rock ’n’ rollers from Scandanavia's heartland who show what the country has to offer. Like the now deceased SOOL or Graveyard (whose Axel Sjöberg used to drum with them) Spiders fuse old music – not so much with the new, as there's nothing modern about it–  with their own innate sense of history. 'Weekend Nights' has a Thin Lizzy liveliness, some West Coast acid-rock guitar parts and an edge of Sabotage era Sabs about it; 'Lies' revisits the – soon to go down in history as – legendary ’90s Swede garage-punk's The Strollers' killer. Combining the best in vintage rock, psych and garage rock ’n' roll with a  cool ’70s look Spiders are something nearly everyone will lock onto.

With Anne Sofie-Hoyles wearing leather as well as Suzi Quatro and the band's dynamic, far from doomy, rock sound, it would be incredible to see this act gain considerable mainstream success.

Jon 'Mojo' Mills

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