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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Record Review - King Washington

The Gears
King Washington is a young five-piece band whose tight, dymanic live performances have generated quite a buzz in their hometown of Los Angeles. Now they’ve augmented their reputation with The Gears, an album that fans of powerpop and indie-rock alike will surely dig.  

The Gears is full of edgy pop tunes that somehow manage to be simultaneously intense and langorous, in large measure due to the ultra-expressive, soaring harmonies of singer/songwriters Tyson Kelly, George Krites and Dylan Cronin. One could easily imagine The Gears being recorded by Badfinger or Blue, had those bands been conceived 40 years on. Songs like the title track, ‘Fourth Of July’, ‘Bawl & Change’ and ‘IGBR’, among many others, will make your neutrons explode in rapture. King Washington is one of the best bands to come down the pike in a long while.

David Bash

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