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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Record Review - Drug Free Youth

The Avocado Index

Hailing from Thessalonika in Greece, Drug Free Youth is possibly something of a misnomer if ever there was one: all the songs were written, arranged and performed almost entirely by someone called George, who I suspect is not a youth, and possibly not entirely “drug free” either. Judging by the gallimaufry of psychedelic sounds on this album you could be forgiven for thinking that Albert Hoffman’s “problem child” had more than a little hand in its making!

 Tripping across a whole spectrum of psychedelic sounds and influences, it lurches between classic US ’60s fuzzed-out garage-rock, freakier Farfisa and synth-driven psychedelia as well as Joe Meek flavoured experimentation. Some of the instumentals, ‘Sans Marker’ for example, are quite rudimentary at times and sound like something from the English ’70s kids’ television programme Vision On. The Avocado Index is certainly a bit of a weird one – but I mean that in a complimentary way.

Rich Deakin

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