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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Record Review - The Cosmic Dead

Self titled 

Paradigm Records

The Cosmic Dead’s very name is heavily redolent of both Leary-ist drug exploration enlightenment and the spacerock music of England and Germany in the 1970s. However, their approach has much more in common with the Teutonic kosmische school than the real-ale-and-rockets approach of Hawkwind et al.

Varying from the propulsive Neu-beat style of ‘The Black Rabbit’ to the Guru Guru and early Can influences of ‘Spice Melange Spectrum’, this album is a total revelation of sonic imagery. Across eighty minutes the listener is taken on an astronomic road trip that never once wavers in imagination or immensity. On the final (forty minute!) track ‘Father Sky, Mother Earth’, the Can references are made explicit and it’s also the most satisfying track on the album – by turns dark, beguiling and mentally enriching.

Go check out this bunch of Glaswegian psychedelic voyagers right now and zone out into their weird headspace. Effortlessly brilliant and rewarding with every fresh listen.

Austin Matthews

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  1. And that is actually Bubble Puppy (!) on the cover, albeit with skulls instead of the members' actual faces...