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Monday, 2 July 2012

Live Review - The Jim Jones Revue

Tanya Falconer
Hotel Street, London
June 30 2012

We might have been heavily outnumbered on the tattoo front compared to most fans (two versus a gazillion), but, as all our readers know, we're hardly short of Jim Jones experience. We love the man and his band and if we have the opportunity to can catch them live we take it.

The rum makers Sailor Jerry created a pop-up venue on Charing Cross Road for the last three months. They opened with King Khan and The Shrines and lo and behold they bagged the Revue for the closing party. It's been a good three years now since the quintet played to less than 150 people in their hometown, so this must have been somewhat of a throwback for such well-travelled musicians.

And the gig did start slowly. Honkeyfinger supported in his usual inimitable style - and the current popularity for one-man bands shows no signs of abating for the time being. And when the Revue came on to no fanfare whatsoever I did feel a bit like a fan in a hipster hangout of hangers-on. It didn't last fortunately. Despite playing quite a few new tunes from the forthcoming third album, including a great blues harp'n' maracas jungle shuffle that gave the ear drums a few precious moments off, band and crowd both got better and better over the hour set. By the end the place was stifling hot and a mosh pit began. Beer flew, hearts were warmed, and we were all soaked by our beloved Little Richard/MC5-style passionate rock'n'roll. And I got hit by a flying plectrum. Thanks for the souvenir Jim.

Phil Istine

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  1. Everyone needs a regular dose of rock 'n' roll psychosis!