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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Record Review - Allysen Callery

Winter Island/The Summer Place

This nice slice of vinyl collects the two EPs by Rhode Island folk artist Allysen Callery, Winter Island and The Summer Place. The pieces work seamlessly as a standalone album and should introduce Callery’s style to the wider audience it deserves.

Graceful as gossamer, Callery weaves intricate folk webs with her intimate voice and understated, finger-picked guitar. Winter Island especially has strands of Joni Mitchell in it, but its heavily laced with a less identifiable ghostly aura. It’s so diaphanous that, for instance on ‘Favourite Son’, virtually every word Callery sings floats off before there’s a chance to even hear it. The Summer Place is a little more lucid – the lyrics are clearer and the music a shade more robust.

While not exactly sounding like Vashti Bunyan, Callery carries her spirit: the rare one that weathers the tender and delicate, making it strong as steel. This is a lovely record from an extremely promising new artist.

Jeanette Leech

1 comment:

  1. I have enjoyed Allysens music for several years, a wonderful songwriter & accomplished player.