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Friday, 5 October 2012

Record Review - Fire Fem


Aedificatoria is the first full length offering from this Madrid-based trio. It’s a slick, contemporary-sounding confection of swoonsome, synth-driven dance/pop seasoned with subtle flavourings of rock, ersatz whiteboy jazz, tropicalia and afrobeat – with the occasional widdly prog keyboard solo thrown in.
Throughout the record, the trio slip between lithe bass and drum grooves and pristine programmed beats, all wrapped in cosseting synth layers, and decorated with sweet, sunshine melodies which never quite stay in your head as they should. They sometimes hint at the wild diversity and eclecticism of Animal Collective, but it all seems a bit too polite, too restrained.
They save the best till last with 'Ipanema O Mine', which is filled with rich guitar textures, ranging from crisp chordal chops to pleasingly fuzzy solos; single-note picking to ambient drones. It’s a promising start, but they should throw caution to the wind and really embrace their inner freak.

Neil Hussey

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