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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Record Review - Levek

Look A Little Closer

Thank your chosen deity for unassuming visionaries such as the Floridian David Levesque – Levek, to you and I. While we may revere Art Garfunkel, granular lo-fi thumbprints and open road ethno-forgeries in equal measure, it might never have occurred to us to pop these ingredients into the same flan case. 

Look A Little Closer, Levek’s debut album, flickers with an intermittent spark: when it hits the spot, which it often does (‘With A Slow Burn’, ‘Girl In The Fog’, ‘Canterbury Bell’), you find yourself willingly ensnared by the roseate lattice of fingerpicked acoustic guitar and attractively unassertive vocals, and start making favourable Elliott Smith comparisons. Then again, ‘Can’t Buy This Love’ and ‘Solemn Feeling Forever Healing’ are uninvolving, forgettable and rather mannered interludes. 

It’s a clear win on points though, taking the attractive High Llamas-via-Sergio Mendes bossa bait of ‘Terra Treasures’ into consideration. Imagine an altogether less smug and endlessly punchable Jack Johnson, perhaps...

Marco Rossi

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