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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Record Review - Seven That Spells

The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: Aum

This is the Croatian band’s ninth album but their first for the venerable Sulatron Records. Mixing up psychedelia and krautrock with shades of metal, the majority of the material is as dazzling as solar radiation.

The album kicks off with the miracle riffing on ‘In’ – a huge ascending guitar structure that signals the demented heavy psych intent of the band. This segues into the centrepiece of the album, ‘Aum’ – 19 minutes of pure kraut mayhem. Thereafter the LP takes a boisterous turn with the noise-rock of ‘Zero’, which eventually gives way to the more metallic sounds of the last two tracks.

 Though I’m generally a big fan of heavier material I found their more forceful stuff less engaging. The first half of the record, with its involving and inventive guitar and rhythm structures is extremely cool. The sub-pornographic artwork however, is not.

Austin Matthews

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