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Friday, 19 October 2012

Record Review - The Deltics

Looking Back

There are many different types of groups in the UK peddling a myriad of ’60s-style sounds these days, ranging from out and out garage punkers, beats, psychedelics, rambunctious rock 'n' roll and R&B gangs, and now there’s also Bristol-based act The Deltics.

These guys come from the middle ground, being neither one thing or the other, choosing to march along a more rootsy-sounding platform that takes in some major influences from the beat/mod era, right up to the likes of, say, Dr Feelgood and beyond, all presented in a sometimes more refined fashion than many of the garage and beat style fraternity. Don't get me wrong – songs like 'Gonna Tell You', 'Here Today' and 'Nightlife' contain more than enough grit and sweat and are all well-played using a battery of authentic instruments and amps (I especially like the fine drumming that's displayed throughout).

Looking Back isn't a bad sounding debut and really shows a group having a total blast doing what they like to do.

Lenny Helsing

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