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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Record Review - The Wicked Whispers

Dandelion Eyes

Electone Records 7" and download

Here is this young Liverpool group's follow-up to last year's rather stunning limited 10" EP The Dark Delights Of the Wicked Whispers.

The WWs love the 60s, can charm and endear with equal measure, but they also aren't afraid to experiment a little out with those kinds of parameters which, in their case, is good news for us. The songs that guitarist and lead singer Mike Murphy compose lend themselves well to that particular form of expression, yet they also seek to attain something more original in the whole song process.

The constant bass figure, alluring organ register and the highly-individual vocal deliberations are all key; solid, integral elements which mark out this piece of flower-tastic pop, of which only 500 were pressed on vinyl. And to take nothing away from the spangle and shimmer of the guitars, and the efforts of the rest of the group, it's those elements that, for me, constitute the Wicked Whispers' highly engaging sound structure; part vintage psychedelic, part modern pop-rock, always wide-eyed with wonder and attractively open minded.

Lenny Helsing

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