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Monday, 15 October 2012

Record Review - Mud Pie Sun

Wooden Circle
Revolving Bell CD

First time I've heard anything at all by these guys. For the uninitiated Mud Pie Sun are a US duo, purveyors of the kind of homespun slightly-delic-ized DIY sounds that seek to incorporate all manner of interesting things for their listeners. Viz a viz bird noises and other extra curricular happenings 
that have been nicely captured to aid in the shading and colouring of their various musical creations and to help fill in the spaces should they be required to do so.

We also have what appear to be some quite electrifying bursts of dentist drill fuzztone on the guitars, and this, meanwhile, is contrasted with an air of the lazy daisies, all laid back, heavy-lidded and tranquil which then can just as easily, suddenly morph off into a bout of fiercely stabbing crescendoes with hectic strummings and almost chaotic drum syncopations. The vocals too are hugely variable in depth and range, both mildly and wildly expressive by turns and bring to mind a sweet, almost Mary Chain-esque touch at times. Oh yeah and they also do a fairly skewed rendition of Gene Clark's unutterably gorgeous 'So You Say You've Lost Your Baby'. Their influences I imagine are as high, wide and variously hued as the palette of colours they've chosen to present this suite of works for us here.

Lenny Helsing

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