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Monday, 1 October 2012

Record Review - Mark Crozer & The Rels

Mark Crozer & The Rels

Mark Crozer & The Rels’ debut album comes in a sleeve that leans heavily on ’60s visual styling, yet the music they make is anything but derivative retro pop. What you get is a post-modern re-imagining of ’60s pop passed through an ’80s filter. I guess that makes it post-post-modern. But the ’80s were rubbish, weren't they? Well if all you listened to was Jennifer Rush and Spandau Ballet then yes – the ’80s were rubbish. But there was plenty of good music to draw inspiration from.

Crozer and co have taken the best bits of powerpop and The Paisley Underground, mixed that with early Primal Scream, Lightning Seeds and the Pale Saints, added some jangly indie-pop guitars and made a delicious confection that gets better with every listen. Twenty years ago these guys would have been riding high in the indie charts and, if we lived in a fair world, they'd be making waves in the charts today.

This is timeless guitar-driven pop that lifts the soul like a flash of blue sky on a cloudy day. If you like your pop on the sunny side with an indie twist, this album is for you. There really isn't a duff track on it and there aren't many bands that can claim that distinction these days.

John Blaney

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