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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Record review - Troubled Horse

Step Inside

Troubled Horse’s only release prior to this, a single on Crusher Records, was a superb slab of wax – reminiscent of early Witchcraft in its melodic doomy early ’70s vibe. However, much like with Witchcraft’s recent album, this LP suffers with an overly punchy production job that turns their previously retro vibe into in-your-face rawk stylings.

That’s not to say there’s isn’t much to admire on this album – ‘Another Man’s Name’ is a storming slice of boogie rock with a claw hammer delivery. Elsewhere there’s the anthemic ‘Tainted Water’ and an oddly cheesy ballad, ‘All Your Fears’. However I just can’t help but feel that much of their original charm has been unfortunately stripped away – there’s none of that bassy mid-range warmness that made their earlier material so appealing.

I can’t quite get as excited over this as other contemporary Swedish acts but it’s undeniably a powerful and melodic record of some distinction.

Austin Matthews

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